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We're an indie publisher for indie developers. We provide a suitable PR/Marketing plan as well as a support for console ports and IP management.


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We work to provide talented indie game developers with our expertise on distribution, promotion and sales, so they can focus on what they love: creating unique and original games.

We make sure that your premium game can be found on all gaming platforms: PC, mobiles, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and soon on the Nintendo Switch.

With the experience gathered by the parent company Plug In Digital, we have already helped half a dozen of indie developers to successfully launch their games. Be one of them!


Under the wing of Plug In Digital, its parent company, PLAYDIUS Ent. has a proven experience in publishing of indie games.

We provide our talented developers with production and marketing support to let them do what they do best: creating amazing titles.


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"If there's a word to describe our relationship with PLAYDIUS it certainly is "trust". From the beginning of the project they trusted us, helping to build our dream, with benevolence, professionalism and patience. In the bright days and the darkest ones, they were always here (and they still are) to give us advice and support. As for us, we have a total trust in their dedication to make our productions shine on the game market."


Too Kind Studio




"PLAYDIUS helped us build a healthy, humane work relationship. The mutual trust and generosity that we developed with them has made it possible for us to release our first game in the best conditions."


Accidental Queens




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